Walkabout Mole Pack


The Walkabout was designed and made for the purpose of an "On The Go Quick Essential Pack" 


Its lightweight and compact design makes it ease of carrying and space perfect for those items we just cant live without, while protecting them from getting wet with its "Ultra Gleam Water Resistent Fabric that is stitched with perfection.


Whether your on a walk, hiking or just need to know where your important items are at and ready for use,  the Walkabout is perfect for every homeowner, driver or sports and outdoor enthusiast. 


Walkabout is perfect for storing the following:


Invicta Tactical light 

Cell Phone

PureHydro IQ Water Filtration Straw





And anything else you want to use it for. Get your Walkabout on today! 

Collections: Flashlights, Home page

Type: Unknown Type

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