Pure iQ Straw

Pure IQ Hydro

Pure Water Filtration - On the go Survival Straw! The Pure IQ Hydro Series is one of our top sellers for many reasons. On average Millions of Americans are currently right now either Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Exercising or just out on a walkabout. This is what makes the Pure IQ Hydro an absolute need for every American and the very reason why Pure IQ Hydro Straw is perfect for on the go, in the car, the boat and backpacks. Honestly this is something you can take anywhere, and you should. Water is not just essential to life, its a comfort for many to know they have clean fresh drinking water on hand. And with the Pure IQ bottle you will always have that peace of mind, and every survival expert agrees that the first thing you need to have and find in a survival situation is "Clean Water". Do not forget to watch the videos! Features of Use: Perfect for Outdoor traveling, hiking, camping and survival. Its the only choice for daily use and safety. No Need for any external equipment or pills to fill and turn Unhealthy water into clean, safe drinkable water Immediately. Including - Rain, River Water, Well Water, Lake Water, Stream Water, Groundwater, and yes Polluted Tap Water.

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