Is Rain Water Illegal to Collect for Your Own Use?

January 25, 2017

As the government tightens its grasp on the people of the nation, the freedoms we enjoy are eroding at a rapid rate. Even freedoms that should be basic human rights are no longer allowed in many states. For example, several of the nation's Western states, including Colorado, Washington, and Utah, have actually made it illegal for citizens to collect the rainwater that falls on their properties. The premise behind these laws is that the rainwater does not belong to the citizens who are collecting it.

In Utah, it is illegal to collect rainwater for your personal use because it is considered a violation of the state government's exclusive rights to all water. Violations of this law are termed "unlawful diversion of water." It is also illegal to collect rain water in Colorado and Washington, but some small-scale collection system are exempt from the sanction, such as those constructed for use by a single household.

These laws simply do not make sense. Studies have shown that allowing citizens to collect the rainwater that falls on their properties improves water conservation and reduces the demand on water facilities. In areas such as Utah, where drought is always a concern, it seems like allowing citizens to collect rain water should be encouraged by the government instead of sanctioned. Legislators argued that rainwater collectors take water away from rivers and streams, but the studies showed at only 3 percent of rainwater was entering the stream in the first place. The results of this study indicate that even if every household collected rainwater, the volume of water entering rivers and streams would remain the same.

Strangely enough, these anti-collection laws have been in effect for quite awhile now. However, they were brought to light recently when droughts inspired the citizens of these states to look for ways to collect rainwater. These ridiculous laws are indicative of just how little individual freedom we actually have. We don't even have the right to use the elements that naturally occur on our property.

The laws against rainwater collection have survived for decades in these states because many people choose to remain uninformed about important human rights issues. Collection restrictions are being lightened or eliminated in some areas because people finally noticed the law and began to work against it. The citizens of these regions decided that the law took governmental power too far, and they are doing what they can to take back their freedom.

Water is a basic, necessary element that belongs to all creatures on the planet. The government should not be able to tell its citizens what they can and cannot do with this natural resource. When this country was initially founded, the government's power was supposed to come from the people. The government existed to protect our liberties, not restrict them. Today, however, we seem to think that we need permission from the government to exercise even our most basic right to survive as human beings.

If we cannot even use our own water, what else will be taken away in the future? Will we be forced to pay taxes on the air we breathe? Our government did not take away our freedom overnight; It happened slowly over time because people were not paying attention to the world around them. As freedoms continue to deteriorate, it is hard to say whether we will retain any of our basic rights without a fight.

So take action and ask your local representatives if collecting your human right to water that falls from the sky is legal. And if its not, take action. 

In my eyes I say collect all you want, its your Right!