Do You Own A Firearm? Are You Tactically Prepared & Safety?

January 22, 2017

Owning a firearm or a rifle is not just a hobby; for some, it's a way of life. People who own firearms (Handguns) and rifles often embrace the firearm owner's lifestyle. This means that they are knowledgeable and well-versed in everything from gun safety to the whole range of gun parts and accessories that are available for handguns and rifles. The right accessories can really enhance your gun ownership experience and even take it to the next level.

Firearms owners tend to be independent-minded, self-sufficient and self-empowered. They know who they are, they know their rights and they are not afraid to express what they believe. Whether you are a survivalist, a hunter, a rugged individualist or just someone who believes in exercising your right to protect yourself, owning a firearm or a rifle can give you an added layer of security.

However, safety is the #1 priority. Responsible gun and rifle owners are always mindful of "the Four Rules" of gun ownership:

1. Consider all guns loaded.

2. Never let the gun barrel point at or touch anything you are unwilling to destroy.

3. Finger off the trigger unless your sites are on the target you're aiming for.

4. Be certain about your target.

These rules can become integrated into the character of the responsible gun owner in a way makes them a part of their lifestyle. Good role models and quality education can go a long way in instilling these ideals and principles, and the result is increased gun safety and the avoidance of needless accidents. Whether you are new to gun ownership or just want to be the very best you can be, it is wise to have a mentor or a teacher to demonstrate the proper way to handle your weapon and instill good values, including the Four Rules. With a solid foundation of education and mentorship, you'll be a responsible and effective gun owner.

Owning a firearm or rifle can add to your feeling of safety as well as contribute to your peace of mind, and it's hard to put a price on these feelings. As a gun owner, you refuse to leave the safety and security of your family, your property and your belongings to chance. The right accessories can maximize your effectiveness as a gun owner and make your experience of using a handgun or rifle the very best one possible.

Instead of leaving your destiny to chance, owning a firearm or tactical rifle empowers you to live life to the fullest, without the nagging fear that you might someday be a victim to a thief, criminal or a random act of aggression. While avoiding conflict and confrontation is always the ideal scenario, sometimes this option is just not feasible. The firearm owner has a safety net in place in case the worst-case scenario happens, and being outfitted with the very best accessories completes the total package of effective gun ownership.

So if you are not or even are a current firearm owner please be sure to always remember the importance of safety, training, properly keeping it locked up and safely away from children. 

You can never have too much training, or learning how to safely carry, hold, fire, and lock away your firearm. 

At Invicta Tactical we believe when it comes to your family, safety, and well being, taking chances is not an option. Obey the Laws, Be prepared, Be smart, Be Vigilant, and most of all Be Safe!